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5 Proven Methods to Give Your Website Traffic a Boost

Traffic represents all those users who visit a web page and whose presence allows to achieve conversions, increase the number of subscribers to a brand or make a sale. Therefore, for the digital marketing strategy, it is super important that the number of people who enter a website increases.

A study carried out by consulting firm Prensa y Comunicación determined that web traffic generates 60% of the companies' profits. Why? The investigation showed that 6 out of 10 of the sales made directly were made through the visit of users by Internet search


Since traffic is so important to increase sales, give more reach to content and obtain greater business visibility, how can we increase visits to a corporation's website? We tell you some ideas to achieve it in a fast, simple and efficient way.

Blogs Having a blog with different types of content for the audience is one way to generate visits. Your articles can be positioned in search engines and shared on your social networks to attract traffic to your website.

Four important tips for strategy:

-Propose valuable and useful content. -Include forms on your blog. -Publish 2 or 3 articles weekly. -Use flashy titles.

Email marketing This technique consists of sending messages to users in order to attract new customers, increase sales and promote traffic to the web. To achieve this you can use the automation of emails, the sending of newsletters or bulletins with relevant information about the company and current affairs, etc.

SEO positioning This implies that your content is in the first places of the Google search engine and others that exist on the internet. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will allow your website to have greater visibility and be found by users in a much faster and effective.

Social networks Using platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other high-impact social networks is key not only to attract more users to your website, but also to connect with people interested in the content you share. Videos, photos, podcasts and the link to your website are some elements that you should use on these pages.

Google Ads This is a paid strategy where you can publish ads in the Google search engine to position your brand and reach a much wider audience. In this way, you get those people interested in your products or services to visit your website.

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