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Six Ways Your Content Marketing Strategy Will Change in 2022

In a digital transformation that spans the globe and requires new ways to implement strategies, marketing teams are responding to the current climate. In the aftermath of the Coronavirus, entire markets are changing the way they build their content marketing

strategy to both continue building brand awareness and turning leads into conversions for their customers. Understanding the latest trends and technologies in content marketing can help marketers and agencies implement the best possible strategies for their clients and create clear content plans that reflect the brand they're working with.

1. The future is AI: Content Marketing Strategy Meets Modern Technology

As technology develops, so does artificial intelligence, and it's only natural that it be incorporated into the world of marketing. A 2020 McKinsey survey titled 'The State of AI in 2020' found that a wide variety of industries attribute up to 20% or more of their organizations' profits to artificial intelligence. This incredible impact shows how AI is already contributing to business growth and wealth. AI continues to be widely used in content marketing for a variety of purposes, such as optimization, A/B testing, and even content analysis. While artificial intelligence won't replace content marketers any time soon, there are plenty of SaaS tools that incorporate AI to make content marketers' jobs much easier. Software like SEMrush has a magic keyword tool to help generate relevant keywords in topic groups to create better content for customers.

2. Research and Original Studies for Content Marketing Strategies

In a market saturated with abundant content, companies are constantly trying to find innovative ways to engage consumers and offer worthwhile content for consumption. With many people trying to highlight their area of expertise or are using influencer marketing to sell products or services, having original research in a particular field gives you insight that other businesses may not have considered in the past. Creating original research or studies can help you connect with other leaders in the industry or field you operate in and provide content that has deeper insight for your customers or clients. When creating original content that focuses on research and studies you've completed, always provide your audience with as much data as possible while still keeping them engaged in the content itself.

3. Value-Based Content is Key

As human beings, we are exposed to numerous forms of media and content on a daily basis. This can cause many consumers to lose interest quite quickly, which means that brands and businesses constantly need to create content that consumers find valuable for their daily needs. Creating valuable content may be what secures the sale of your business, so having a content marketing strategy that focuses on content that offers

some merit can increase engagement with your audience and encourage your audience to participate on your site for extended periods of time. Providing solutions and answers to problems your clients might be facing is a great way to engage your audience. Instead of simply telling them, you will be showing them the practical steps they can take to ensure they can represent your vision.

4. Content Marketing Strategy – Create a Content Template

Using examples to tell us how to improve products has been the standard in most industries. With that in mind, every content marketing strategy should have templates related to products or services. You can use various methods and techniques here, such as presentations or How-To Guides. Customers are attracted to spaces that are solutions to their problems. Having templates gives your site higher search intent and therefore relevant traffic to your site.

5. New Ways of Understanding Content: Content Atomization

It can be difficult to consistently produce new content and one way to revive your ideas is through content atomization. This is done by taking a long, valuable piece of content and breaking it up into a variety of smaller articles or blogs. Give it a try!

6. Goodbye 'Keyword Research,' and Hello 'Topic Authority!'

Keyword research is one of the most important parts that make up a content marketing strategy in regard to what consumers are searching for and how to target them with content that will convert leads into conversions. In 2022, this will be further developed, with topic authority being considered the most important factor in the experience. While keywords and link building will continue to play an important role in your content marketing strategy, Google is becoming more content sensitive, being able to assess whether or not content is valuable and whether rich snippets of content can be lifted to display SERPs. Google's algorithm is advancing to an extent where it can tell if your content is relevant to the site it's hosted on. This operates on the premise that your site is producing content that is valuable because of your expertise and how you present yourself as an authority in the industry you market in. To stand out to Google as an expert on your chosen topic

or niche, be sure to post lengthy content on your site that is built around centralized structuring of the website itself. This allows Google to see that you're building on your existing content and expertise, giving consumers plenty of opportunities to learn from you and building a community around your work. Collaborating through guest posts is another great way to build trust in your content. This can be done by using SMEs or subject matter experts to help you create content around a topic that they are renowned and passionate about, giving you more content to reuse in the future.

To be successful in marketing, you have to be willing to adapt to the times and 2022 promises to provide incredible changes to the world of SEO. Developing a content marketing strategy that is open to trends and works to improve the overall experience will make your strategies successful. Considering all the amazing technology being developed and a greater understanding of consumer behavior, there are many ways your content strategy can be adapted to benefit your company and grow your business.

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